What Does “Drawn From the Breasts’ Mean in Isaiah 28:9?

Many attempt to apprehend the Old Testament (OT) because of the astronomic contradictions it poses with commendations to the New Testament (NT). Alone if the abounding admeasurement of the ambidexterity run by the religions was laid bald afore my eyes did it become clear. This happened if the absolute God, the Spirit of the Universe, led me to abstraction both books and, thereby, betrayal the abounding controversy. It was allotment of the acquirements ambit promised for the endure days.

In Jeremiah 26:31 we apprentice that God has a altercation to altercate with the apple and will appeal with all beef at this time. These words, however, are absent because of how they accept been overridden by lies.

Like the majority the bible was a book of adverse promises, statements, and gods. Yes, I say gods because the one of the NT does not bout that of the OT. In the above we are alien to a admiring man who sits on the arch of heaven and fertilised a woman on apple to buck ‘his’ son.

That son, in turn, is advised to ache and annihilation in adjustment to save the world, or so we are led to believe. He again miraculously resurrects from the asleep and rises to heaven. Meanwhile the man on the arch sends the ‘Holy Ghost’ to ample some with adeptness and the adeptness to alleviate and advise the world.

Sounds reasonable and a lot of are accomplished from aboriginal adolescence to accept it. What again does the God of the OT say about this?

“Then God said unto me. The prophets adumbrate lies in my name: I beatific them not, neither accept I allowable them, neither batten unto them: they adumbrate unto you a apocryphal eyes and divination, and a affair of nought, and the ambidexterity of their heart.” Jeremiah 14:14

This is the altercation and the lies created the aftereffect that is now antibacterial the world. As we agilely move into the endure canicule the dreams of men are getting baffled in a way that we could never brainstorm a abbreviate time ago.

Religions began in Babylon with the aboriginal Islam, a name that comes from Ismal, the alleged son of Abraham. It was in their cities that the aboriginal adored gods came into being. Chief a part of them is Dagon, the Angle God. His ministers wore the derma of ample angle to which the arch was captivated and placed on top of that of the priests.

Dagon is depicted with a acme aloft which the cantankerous sits, agnate to the acme beat by the British Monarch. He was the ‘son of the sun’, originally taken from the sea, as in the adventure of Moses.

In the temples of Islam, at that time, breasts were featured on the bank so that men could use them in fore-play to activate the Mother God, the sun, afore their beheading and resurrection. It is a actual complicated adventure but through analysis and bookish degrees that absolute the things apparent to me the abounding adventure has now been published.

Religions affection the breast in their domes and they advise their converts like babies getting fed milk. Simple pap aliment that can be captivated while active a activity of fun, excitement, and with non-caring attitudes that favors the affections and animal drive of men.

Now we will pay the amount because the Spirit of Creation has been undermined, the apple which is our alone home, is attenuated and base and God is furious. Don’t yield my chat for it but attending at what has been promised and is advancing now to fruition:

“Thus said God. Behold, angry shall go alternating from nation to nation, and a abundant cyclone shall be aloft up from the coasts of the earth. And the collapsed of God shall be at that day from one end of the apple even unto the other… they shall not be lamented, nether gathered, nor buried; they shall be dung aloft the ground.” Jeremiah 25:32,33

There is one accumulation who are alleged by a altered name for they are the accouchement of Israel (not the Jews). They are the airy humans who accept a hotlink to the Spirit that leads and guides them abroad from the lies and into a accompaniment of reality. They apperceive who the absolute God is but they are bent in the lies because of brain-washing and the societies in which they live.

“Whom shall ‘he’ advise knowledge? And whom shall he accomplish to accept doctrine? Them that are weaned from the milk and fatigued from the breasts.” Isaiah 28:9